Behind in blogging, technology’s got me down

Shame on me. I had a blog and wrote many entries. It seemed to be good.

Then I got lazy, or perhaps overwhelmed, anyway, it’s been some time since I posted an entry.

I’ve been trying to keep up with technology, really I have. But when it comes to things like Facebook, I fail miserably.

I thought I mastered posting a comment. Only I wonder why people never respond.

I sent a birthday message to my closest cousin who I haven’t seen in years and — no answer. If this thing isn’t a two-way street, why bother?

I have a small group of friends who I follow regularly.

A young new mother with a pretty baby girl, a niece, I think, anyway my sister’s grandaughter, and the daughter of one of my best friends.

I also follow an old school mate who seems to have the world by the tail, and a niece by marriage, who also appears to be living on cloud 9, although right now that cloud is mighty frozen because she lives in Alaska.

I would like to go to a class to learn more about all those menu items along the left hand of my Facebook page. But they always have them on Tuesday, and that’s production day.

I know the younger people have no trouble with this social media. I just have never had the time to play with the site to get acquainted.

It’s just not what I expected of this modern communication method.

Here’s the thing… I thought that Facebook would be the answer to my not having time to correspond with my friends and relatives, but I find it’s just another confusing aspect of a technical life I may never understand.  So if you happen to see a post from me, well count yourself among the lucky ones, “like” it…..or not.

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