Many to thank for the Christmas party at the senior center

To the Editor:

Were our seniors naughty and not nice when the senior center in North Branch hosted their annual Christmas party?  It would seem so according to the article that Santa only gave them an apple, an orange and some candy.

Lets mention the hours of work and time Dawn and Jess did contacting merchants to donate gifts and that everyone did receive one. They also baked all the Christmas cookies.

We also need to thank the Rush Point Leisure Club who hosted this Christmas party with the following members of their club: Mary and Al Petschl, Trudy and Kurt Koroschetz, Joe and Grace Schwaab.  This club picked up the tab to give them a fantastic lunch and five of the members baked and donated bars.

Lets see more people going to the senior center to attend the many activities offered and all are welcome to attend the monthly meeting held on the third Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m.

In this way you will really appreciate the hard work behind the center and do not complain of what you could have done if and when the center will have to close their doors because of lack of funding.  Stop in and talk to some of the people who utilize this facility and ask them how they feel when the center will be no longer available to them.

Also want to thank Irene and Roger Sellman who have never lost faith and have been very supported with their volunteer work for the senior center for too many years to count.  They were also a great help with this Christmas party/dance.

Grace Schwaab


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