Change in the pattern

By MaryHelen Swanson, editor

In 1976, after surviving multiple disasters in my first years of hobby farming, my well-meaning mother told me I was in a rut and should do something to get out of it.

Well, I did, get out of the rut that is, but unfortunately I fell into a much bigger hole.

When I finally came to grips with the understanding that things were going to be different than before, I began to get a foothold on life.

I say this because there will be changes coming on the north end of town in NB this year and people will have to make adjustments.

Not everyone, I assume, will be pleased with the increased activity, but all that means is that the city has addressed one of its residents’ concerns by inviting a new industry to the community.

We cannot expect that all beneficial businesses will be packaged in a neat concrete box with no unpleasant side effects, be they additional traffic, noise and other irritants. However, we must be assured that they will not be harmful to our health or safety.

The city of NB wants and needs commercial and industrial business. It will benefit the residents.

I would have thought that inside the planned industrial park would have been a better place, but then the railroad tracks don’t go there. And where ever it would be located, trucks hauling sand would still have to come and go on our roads.

More than one community will be affected by the additional truck traffic, even the additional rail traffic, which we seldom see around here any more.

We will have to be diligent in driving and expect that the truck drivers will be considerate of our residents.

Jake braking and speeding will not be acceptable.

Air pollutants must be carefully monitored.

Situations that could potentially be dangerous for our children must be carefully addressed.

Still, we need to look upon a new industry as a sign of recovery. New stores being planned in Harris and Rush City are bright spots in an otherwise dark economy. New industry paying taxes in NB can be welcomed if we all understand that things may not be the same as before.

There will be adjustments and changes if our communities are to pick up and grow where they left off several years ago.

It could be good for us all, it will just be a change in the pattern.

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