Today Show memories and others to go with it

A late school board meeting last night made it very difficult to raise these bones out of bed this morning. So I dallied. Forty hours were up some time ago anyway this week. So I had that rare breakfast, dining on big, beautiful brown eggs that my husband’s chickens are producing so well this winter and cinnamon swirl bread toast.

I even took the time to watch the 60th anniversary show of the TODAY Show. It brought back so many memories. I was but a little girl of 5 when the show started, but I remember Dave Garroway and most of the other hosts and news anchors along the way.

I remember watching it on our little black and white TV, back in the early days when TV was not on the air all day. I also remember when it came back on the air in the afternoon with some children’s programming like Howdy Doody.

I was a real fan of that show, even had a Princess SummerFall WinterSpring doll.

There were local children’s programs, too, Boots and Saddle was one that was broadcast out of Minneapolis and my uncle was the host.

I don’t remember the name of the show that I was on but I remember I was chosen from the “peanut gallery” to play a game where we had big balloons tied to our waists and we had to bump into each other and break them. Somehow I won and the prize was a Miss Curity nurse doll.

I still have her safely stored in a special drawer, I never really played with her so she’s in pretty good condition.

Of course, there was Axel and his Dog for our afternoon enjoyment. Crude as it was, one will never forget the “Birdie hopped upon the window sill……..” ending, and Casey Jones was the highlight of the noon hour, with its Happy Birthday song and Felix the Cat cartoons. Who can forget the I Like Onions song and Walkin’ in My Vinter Undervear?

It sounds better than it writes.

Ah, yes, that Today show brought back the memories.

Here’s the thing… we know we can’t go back to the simpler days of our childhood, but a good walk down memory lane now and again will put today in focus. Thanks to Today, I can see a little more clearly now.

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