Appreciates the focus on jobs

To the Editor:

I am glad to see Governor Dayton and Democrats have put together a jobs plan and are making jobs and the economy the top priority of the 2012 legislative session. They must be listening to us, because that’s the issue on most people’s minds this year.

The jobs proposal they introduced seems to have good ideas that ought to have bipartisan support. For example, they want to create a tax credit for small businesses to hire unemployed Minnesotans, veterans and recent graduates. This would allow businesses to start rehiring workers very quickly.

The jobs plan also helps retrain workers in new careers where they may have an easier time getting rehired and at a job with a good wage. This is smart. The truth is there are a lot of jobs that may not come back after this recession and we need to help Minnesotans get trained for the jobs in the economy of the future.

Hopefully all infrastructure projects in the bonding bill needing steel will be required to use U.S. steel. It would not only help the economy on Minnesota’s iron range, it would be the patriotic thing to do.

I don’t know how you feel but I have real concerns with allowing America’s manufacturing industry and the good paying jobs it provides to disappear as American CEO’s import cheap steel from Communist China, a country I was always told was an enemy when I was growing up.

One can only assume that democracy is only another meaningless phrase to the top 1 percent in this country and they sure won’t let it or anything else interfere with maximizing the bottom line.

Most of all, I appreciate that Democrats are focusing on the issues that actually matter. I hope Rep. Barrett and Sen. Nienow will join them and work to pass a jobs bill that Governor Dayton can sign right away this session instead of focusing on constitutional amendments and other divisive issues that don’t matter to us.

Maybe for once we can put the political games aside and get something accomplished. The Democrats jobs plan is a good start.

Steve Linnerooth

Center City

  • MO

    “Appreciates the focus on jobs”
    These are extremely fun catch phrases, now let’s read past the one sided and very biased political opinion which this reflects. A few stated phrases in the article.
    “Tax credit for small businesses,” Can you say government short fall or lack of revenue? Take that small business revenue away from the government and they will have to make it up by raising taxes elsewhere.
    “Rehiring workers very quickly” To do what? People stopped buying the way businesses anticipated years ago. Nobody buys local anymore, they buy online and avoid the in state sales tax, similar to this “lower tax” item for small businesses. I’m telling you, you take away more revenue from the big boys, they won’t lose, guaranteed!
    “Retrain workers in new careers” Good idea but how is that training going to be paid for? I know, by raising our taxes so the government can afford it, yea! Vicious circle isn’t it folks!
    “Jobs with a good wage” This is exactly why so many businesses are going away in the first place, high wages and entitlements here for companies are devastating, but easy enough to remedy, have Mexico or China produce it for you.
    “Trained for the jobs in the economy of the future” Again, technology is making the human being an out of date and useless part of business. Why pay the entitlements and over inflated wages for us when you can apply a high tech piece of equipment in our place? These high tech employees don’t complain, take long breaks, call in sick, scream discrimination, work only eight hours and go home or file frivolous work comp claims. Most these items have driven the cost of doing business and insurance up so high it’s next to impossible to survive anymore.
    “Import cheap steel from Communist China” Ever go to Wal-Mart? I challenge you to find anything that isn’t made in China. Nothing against Wal-Mart, I shop there, but the reality is we don’t manufacture in the United States anymore, which makes it almost impossible to find products with the stamp “USA”.
    “Constitutional amendments and other divisive issues that don’t matter to us” Now this one really, really got me, without getting to conservative here, your comment appears to be a bit shallow minded and perhaps may need more research. Do you realize that everything done in government directly affects you and your family’s life? I don’t care if it’s the Feds or the State, ALL decisions made by any governmental entity will either cost you money or more significantly, your liberty. You pick!
    At this time, American’s have the freedom to think and act without being totally constrained by the government, this is a social, political and economic right that belongs to the citizens of a state or country. Let’s work together in a bipartisanship way and keep this freedom.

  • Fred

    MO – glad to read your post. Where do you separate individual rights and subsequently regulation from county, state and federal oversight/authority?

    • MO

      Excellent question! I’m going answer you by asking a question, at what point do you considered the government going above and beyond their limits? And keep in mind they work for us, not the other way around. Many regulations are the heart of the problem for businesses, for every new mandate and regulation that is added to the countless that already exist, businesses deal with them, and the increasing costs of doing business because of them. When the cost of doing business outweighs the profits, businesses close.

      Now with that said, where’s this reduction in tax revenue coming from if this small business tax cut happens? These government entities still need that money to operate, so the big picture, somewhere we’ll all be paying a new tax of some kind to make up for it. The Republicans are trying to get the absolutely out of control spending under control first, no different then you or I would do in our own household, think about it, it makes sense!

      There’s an obvious lack of confidence right now with our government, as well as a very bleak outlook for its future, therefore this small business tax cut really appears to be a last ditch effort to save them.
      People don’t and won’t spend with this type of uncertainty, therefore small businesses will continue to struggle and die, and there is no S/B tax cut going to change that, the problems much bigger.

      Old Glory has changed drastically, I hope I’m wrong, but I think we’ve only seen the surface. Buckle up!

  • Dave

    MO –

    We actually do manufacture in the United States, you just have to look somewhere other than Walmart. Here’s a link to a local shop in Wyoming, MN:

    and two other top hits on the google for “made in the usa”.

    I appreciate your offer to work together to keep our freedoms, more than happy to take part. I think it’s important for conservatives and progressives (and in-between) to talk with each other minus the propaganda. Think all sides will see we progress more by working together.

    Steve – I think your last 2-3 paragraphs are right on, at the very least a start has been made.

  • Linda

    Thank you Steve, I am so proud to have Governor Dayton working for the people of MN!!

    MO- Your post is just another Conservative negative view that gets nothing done. Governor Dayton and the Democrats are on the right path, why don’t you spend your time coming up with positive solutions since you know so much? I would love to see my taxes used to grow the economy since I have been paying my fair share throughout the last 43 years and love this country. It has been proven that the economy fails every time the Republicans come into office which is the legacy of George Bush. I am so tired of hearing the blame placed on President Obama when he’s had to deal with the idiots in congress who have been working against his success. We may have to give a little at this time to get the people back on their feet, I’m willing to pay more to make our Country great again! How about you?

  • MO

    Clever Dave, that must be why our unemployment rate is so low. I think you knew what I was talking about, I was talking about industries that build bridges, autos and the others that employ hundreds or thousands of workers, not these small town businesses that employ four people to help drop ship. Big picture Dave, where’s our country at and why? Think it’s got anything to do with outsourcing jobs or moving businesses out of the country? I do and it’s caused by the increased costs of doing business, agreed? Either way, at this point I’m more concerned about losing our constitutional rights, liberty and our freedom than anything else.
    Linda, exactly what BHO successes are you talking about, link it for me. Show me something he’s done or tried to do that hasn’t threaten or to some degree, gnawed away at people’s civil or religious rights, show me something that hasn’t cost the tax payers more money by mandating us to buy certain products or services. If his next debt ceiling increase goes through he’ll have increased our debt by over 6 trillion dollars in just over three years, debt our children and grandchildren will be paying off for many generations to come. So how’s this 6 trillion dollars deeper in debt helped us out so far? (Quote “I guess the shovel ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as we thought they were” unquote.
    Do you realize Linda, that the United States government spends almost 80 million dollars a DAY to China in interest payments alone? I’m conservative, and I’m not saying the right is right, I’m saying something dreadfully wrong has been taking place here and has been since 2008, if it doesn’t change very soon I fear we’ll all be living in a country we don’t recognize in very short order.
    I’m so tired of people fighting for/or over their party, both parties are screwed up and lie, they tell us what it’ll take to get elected. I monitor several TV networks (Fox and MSNBC, CNN) and listen to talk radio and wished everybody would, do it for one week and observe what kind of misinformation they both put out. Don’t be a follower or let them lead you around with false information, research it for yourself and learn, then you can chose the lesser of two evils with confidence 😉