Appreciates the focus on jobs

To the Editor:

I am glad to see Governor Dayton and Democrats have put together a jobs plan and are making jobs and the economy the top priority of the 2012 legislative session. They must be listening to us, because that’s the issue on most people’s minds this year.

The jobs proposal they introduced seems to have good ideas that ought to have bipartisan support. For example, they want to create a tax credit for small businesses to hire unemployed Minnesotans, veterans and recent graduates. This would allow businesses to start rehiring workers very quickly.

The jobs plan also helps retrain workers in new careers where they may have an easier time getting rehired and at a job with a good wage. This is smart. The truth is there are a lot of jobs that may not come back after this recession and we need to help Minnesotans get trained for the jobs in the economy of the future.

Hopefully all infrastructure projects in the bonding bill needing steel will be required to use U.S. steel. It would not only help the economy on Minnesota’s iron range, it would be the patriotic thing to do.

I don’t know how you feel but I have real concerns with allowing America’s manufacturing industry and the good paying jobs it provides to disappear as American CEO’s import cheap steel from Communist China, a country I was always told was an enemy when I was growing up.

One can only assume that democracy is only another meaningless phrase to the top 1 percent in this country and they sure won’t let it or anything else interfere with maximizing the bottom line.

Most of all, I appreciate that Democrats are focusing on the issues that actually matter. I hope Rep. Barrett and Sen. Nienow will join them and work to pass a jobs bill that Governor Dayton can sign right away this session instead of focusing on constitutional amendments and other divisive issues that don’t matter to us.

Maybe for once we can put the political games aside and get something accomplished. The Democrats jobs plan is a good start.

Steve Linnerooth

Center City

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