Upset with councilor’s commment

To the Editor:

Last night, at the North Branch City Council work session meeting, Councilmember Kathy Blomquist made the following statement: “… why should we change the fee and/or tax structure when only one business is complaining…?”   What is wrong with this person. Is she really that ignorant or fond of making inane statements.

Just because there may be only one business standing up to the financial tyranny of the North Branch City Council does not by any stretch of the imagination really indicate others are not in the same or similar position. Facts are, the local business community has met a few times to discuss the dysfunctional City administration.

Sadly the majority of these people are afraid to stand up for fear of retaliation from the City. Typically the retaliation would be of a financial nature, permit hassles, etc.

We have all heard about the recall process in Wisconsin, I am sure if the citizens of North Branch had that option available a housecleaning would be in the works. Councilmember should make a public apology to the business she is denigrating.

John von Lange

North Branch

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