Program for troubled kids 12 and under

When youths under the age of 12 begin stealing from stores or people, vandalizing, beating up other kids, or committing other law violations, services designed for them are hard to come by.

LAYSB developed the Twelve and Under Restorative Justice Program specifically to meet the needs of this population of youths.

The Twelve and Under Program focuses on giving youths and their families the help they need to get their lives back on track.  Through the program, youths, along with their families, learn and understand the consequences of their actions, explore family dynamics, and begin to make amends for their actions.

The program includes a minimum of 5 sessions with a masters level counselor. Homework for youth includes writing an apology letter and completing a cost analysis of the situation. Parents can refer directly to the program as can law enforcement officers, school districts and court system personnel.

The cost of the program is $100-$175. Fee varies based on whether or not you live in a funding community. For more information, contact Caleb Kaihoi at Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau at 651-464-3685 or [email protected]

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