Says Republican lawmakers shirking their duties

To the Editor:

This week a bill was introduced in the Senate by the GOP majority that would put the issue of Voter IDs on the ballot in November. I don’t wish to debate the issue of Voter IDs, which the GOP across the nation are pushing in response to a non-existent problem, while ignoring the important issue of the economy and job creation. However, my concern is about what is the function of the Legislature today.

Today’s constitutional amendment proposal is in addition to the “Marriage” amendment already placed on the November ballot by the GOP majority last session. Additionally, there are at least three more issues being contemplated by the GOP as potential amendments to the constitutions (one by our own Senator Sean Nienow).

In my opinion, the GOP in Minnesota is shirking the duties placed upon them by their constituents. It appears as though they will be placing all controversial issues into the realm of constitutional amendments “so that the people can decide.”

I have an even better idea. Let’s have all proposals for legislation proceed “so that the people can decide.”

In other words eliminate all legislators. If they won’t do their job, we don’t need them at all. Right?

It is a difficult job assignment for sure, but if the legislators (in this case primarily GOP) feel they cannot fulfill the responsibilities relegated to them, and wish the people to decide the tough questions without legislative debate; then they should either resign, or they should without delay, draft the wording for a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate the Legislature completely and put all decisions directly into the hands of the people. We don’t need them anymore.

However, under current law, we are a representative democracy, in which we have elected legislators to provide leadership, and pass legislation that provides for the general well-being of the State.

Minnesota Legislators, I implore you, do the job you have been elected to do. Pass legislation for the well-being of all of Minnesota. Stop clouding the air with provocative issues that divide the populace and inspire discrimination.

Get going on creating jobs, improving education, and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. That’s what you were elected to do.

Emil Dahlberg

North Branch

  • Fred

    Emil – GOP or DLF don’t create “divisive” issues; they just choose to discuss them – are you against an open debate of ideas? Do you really think that, without GOP or DFL, we’d all just conform to the same ideas – it’s just natural? Not likely. The earth we walk on every day was probably fertilized in blood countless times over ideological differences than we could count. To suggest that thought can only be communicated under the direction of some singular usurper of feeling is preposterous.

    You rail the GOP for going to amendments to MN constitution for issues that you claim to be non-issues, however, voter ID fraud has been expected to be in the 10s of thousands in the last race. When the total outcome of the gubernatorial vote was less than that, I expect that would be a problem – and should be for all of us, particularly you since you’re banging the drum of democracy. Regarding amendments, don’t forget that the left wing liberals in the legislature under a GOP governor tried to circumvent the legislative process by trying to cram the “support the arts” amendment on its own merit down the throats of Minnesotans… it failed miserably. The people voted. The next time, they tied it to “save the water + arts” and, now, we throw truckloads of money, by constitutional mandate, to support worthless art projects in Minneapolis and St. Paul. I’m not suggesting you have no basis for your attack on the legislative process. However, before you attack the GOP for circumventing a governor (that could eclipse the current president in position for left wing ideology) with constitutional amendments (let the people speak right?), please defend the “Guthrie Theatre handout” amendment, passed under the guise of saving our water under the reverse division of power (GOP governor with DFL legislature).

  • Dave

    Fred –

    I have to take exception with your claim that voter ID fraud was in the 10s of thousands. That’s just not true. Probably not even in the 10s. Still it does make me wonder from what sources people are getting their information? And taking the next logical step in questioning: Who is making money from having people think/believe things that aren’t true?

    So please if you would, provide us with a credible source for your claim.

    Anyway, it seems both you and Emil are making the same point, albeit from differing ideological perspectives. I don’t believe he was saying only the GOP does this, but more pointing out the extent to which legislators in this specific session aren’t doing what’s most important for the people of MN right now.

    You have my agreement that a civil and open debate of ideas is necessary for democracy to function. Emil said that too, so I’m not sure why you made the jump in reasoning all the way to “singular usurper of feeling”.

    Emil, good letter, especially like your last three paragraphs.