Youth Frontiers, North Branch school to tackle bullying

To help build a more respectful school culture, Youth Frontiers, a Twin Cities-based character education organization, will partner with North Branch Area High school to host a Respect Retreat for the sophomore class to help reduce bullying.

Youth Frontiers’ retreats for schools use interactive games, music, small discussion groups and gripping stories to break down walls between young people, helping them to see each other differently.

Throughout the retreat day, students begin to exhibit traits of true character – mending relationships, stating acts of courage and respecting themselves and others. Comprehensive follow-up materials also provide a way for educators and students to extend the impact of the retreat.

Youth Frontiers’ retreats seek to teach students how to incorporate the values of kindness, courage, respect and integrity into their personal and school lives. Youth Frontiers aims to strengthen core values, confront negative behaviors and enable students to recognize the consequences of their actions.

Youth Frontiers will be at North Branch Area High School Feb. 7 and 8, hosting the retreat for roughly 122 students on each day.

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