Shame on Us

To the Editor:

To those who did not vote at the last election – shame on you. And shame on me for waiting so long to begin voting in those “in between” elections when there was not a presidential race on the ballot.

Those “in between” elections and the lack of participation in the last one in 2010 resulted in the loss of some really intelligent, experienced, hard working and caring people. They were not re-elected because people are feeling frustrated, marginalized, or that their votes don’t matter.

It is a strong reason for the current budget crisis, political gridlock, and the recent government shut down. The first ominous sign was a record low turnout at our last caucuses, a small fraction of the record turnout at the last presidential election.

So I beg you, please accept some of the responsibility if you did not participate or even just vote. Learn from that and resolve to step up and do better. Do at least one thing to get some balance back in our government. I promise, the despair and frustration will improve, as it did for me.

These actions can include: giving any amount you can to your party and/or local candidates; find out who is running for office; who is your senator, representative, and U.S. congressman; attend fund raisers; go to your caucus; check out your county’s Central Committee meetings, as anyone is welcome to come and listen; walk in parades with a local candidate ( it’s fun!); and vote, vote, vote!

Find voting information: Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State, at . The Caucus Finder link, at is now available. Find your caucus and go!

Connie Walker-Pearson



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