What he really learned

MaryHelen Swanson, editor
Derrick is my new associate editor. He seems to be fitting in quite nicely and is experiencing some of those issues that make him a real member of our “family” here at the Post Review.
We’ve learned that we like to gather at the Mexican restaurant for lunch when the group decides to go out.
We’ve learned that we are all vulnerable to illness and injury. And that’s why we’re here to support each other.
We’ve learned that several generations can work together to produce a nice product.
And we learned that we are great planners for what’s ahead for the Post Review.
Most recently Derrick learned a lesson in the automotive field. On assignment, he got his car stuck on a concrete barrier at a local business. It would have seemed like an easy fix, just put the car in reverse and it’ll come off.
But it didn’t.
So he returned to the office, explained the situation and went back to his car where our other reporter joined him to assess the situation. Two heads are better than one, right?
Both came back to the office realizing that the car wasn’t going to be just lifted up and moved off the barrier.
Enter a third head. I suggested, that instead of a costly tow truck, they go to the local rental place and see what they could get to do the job themselves.
At the rental place Derrick was handed a come along winch which he had never heard of much less knew how to use.
With instruction given, the two men went back to the car to pry it loose. Along came Mary, our ad rep, also head number four, and was found to be useful as she was put behind the seat of the rescue car to drive it as the two guys worked the come along and the stuck car to get it off the cement barrier.
And, lo and behold, it worked.
Here’s the thing… Derrick thinks he learn a lesson in the use of a come along winch. What he really learned was a powerful lesson in teamwork. Great job team!

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