Sunday Night: It was a nice winter, but not that nice

By MaryHelen Swanson, editor

It’s been a wonderful winter, as far as I am concerned. My nerves have been spared days and days of negotiating to the office on slippery roads and I am ever so grateful for that.

Passing Fish Lake this morning I noticed that fish houses are disappearing fast and scavenger birds are cleaning up the remains of ice fishing outings. I also noted, on my way to North Branch, how much dried grass and weeds there are along the roads and in fields and lowlands.

That could be a problem come spring. With no significant moisture to knock these weeds down and no snow cover to advance decomposition, spring wild fires could be the next significant event in our communities.

I noticed that along the freeway north of North Branch someone is actually mowing that dried grass, I assume to prevent the fueling of such fires.

It might be a good idea for individuals with a lot of dried weeds and grass near their homes to get out and mow. That would definitely be a first for February, but it could save a lot of grief – and property damage – come March or April.

That being said about this unusual winter, I want to thank whoever it was who shared the latest “bug” with me. Perhaps it was a handshake, or the handle of the grocery cart, or that person I heard coughing violently at an event I attended.

All I can say is beware the sneeze. Head for the hills if you hear someone sniffling. Wash your hands, not only because you might spread what you have, but because you might get something from what you have just touched.

It’s not fun, it knocks you down and won’t let you up for about a week.

And that’s the end of my “nice winter” story.

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