More exclusions being considered

To the Editor:

I’m writing today because there have been numerous letters to the editor and stories by reporters on the Republican Legislature last year taking away the Homestead Market Value Credit and replacing it with the Homestead Market Value Exclusion. This one word change came with huge property tax increases for businesses, farmers, lake properties and home owners in our area.

The Credit was State dollars buying down property taxes and the Exclusion has no buy-down from the State—meaning the money is coming from our neighbors’ pockets.

Lower valued properties did benefit from the Exclusion, but the taxes they didn’t have to pay were simply shifted to other properties. Many people and businesses in our area saw huge property tax increases due to the Republican actions.

And guess what? After forcing the longest State shutdown in our nation’s history, and coming up with the Exclusion that hurt our area (more than Edina or Eden Prairie)…the Republicans are at it again.

This time it’s under the title “Reform 2.0” where they propose excluding business properties first $100,000 of value in property taxes. With no State aid (the money has to come from somewhere!) this will be another shift in property taxes farmers, lake properties and homeowners in our area will have to make up the difference.

Representatives Barrett, Crawford, Dettmer and Daudt along with Senators Nienow and Vandeveer are working to raise your property taxes again. Is that what we elected them for?

Greg Combs

North Branch

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