Spring Series Class on Raising Tomatoes

By Jerry Vitalis

Chisago County Master Gardener

I have been writing articles for the Chisago County Master Garden program since 1992, and I have kept a copy of all of them, plus articles written by other Master Gardeners.  The most popular topic is raising tomatoes and the questions keep coming.

Donna Tatting and Dianne Patras, Chisago County Master Gardeners will have a class on tomatoes on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at the Maple Commons Senior Dining Center in North Branch.

This is another class that is a part of our Spring Class Series.  The class begins at 6 p.m. and the fee is $5.00 per person per class.

Donna and Dianne probably know as much about growing anything as any of our Master Gardeners.  They will cover the basic tomato growing methods, common diseases and pests, and some common sense ways of preventing problems.  Both in ground and container growing will be covered.

The main question within the topic of growing tomatoes is how to prevent blight.  One year I had so many questions on blight that I finally said, tongue in cheek, the best way to control blight is not to plant tomatoes.  Donna and Dianne will have better answers to dealing with blight.

We have other classes coming up as well as our 14th Annual Spring Gardening Bonanza coming on Saturday, March 10, at Chisago Lake Lutheran Church in Center City.  We also have plant order forms as we sell a variety of bare root plants.

If you have any questions, call Sue at our office 651-277-0151 or you can call me at 651-257-4496, and we will help you.

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