Valentine poetry winners announced

The winners of the Valentine Poetry Contest sponsored by the Friends of the North Branch Library Saturday, Feb 11 were ( l to r): Grand Prize Jackie Larson, Lillian Tauer, Sam Jutz, Lauren Husnik. Photo supplied





Valentines Remembered

By Jackie Larson

Backward glance o’er span of time

At Valentines remembered.

You are young

Out of nowhere the love of your life appears.

Sparks are lit like fireworks on the 4th of July.

Chocolate hearts, sometimes flowers

Cupid’s arrows flying.

Year follows year

February 14th always special

With Valentines remembered.

Life moves on so quickly.

Children arrive. Busyness.

Decorating boxes with hearts now the norm.

“I love you, mom” on a red paper heart.

That also passes-all too soon.

There you are, just two again, but the sparks remain.

Chocolate hearts and flowers.

Cards with lace. Often funny ones.

Grey hair now-or none at all.

Life slows down, walk is slower, eyes are dim.

Doesn’t matter-sparks still there.

Valentines to remember.

Chocolate hearts and flowers.

Too soon two becomes one and

Only memories remain.

No more chocolate hearts or flowers.

Sparks now embers casting a glow on

Valentines remembered.

You smile at memories cherished

Many Valentines now remembered.


By Lillian Tauer




Candy and


They all make me feel

like a Valentine’s day is near!

It is such a good time to

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with

Friends and family.

I love Valentine’s Day

Don’t you?

Nervous Valentine Visit

By Sam Jutz

Flitter Flutter

Flip Flop

Pitter Patter

Thump Thump

Box of chocolates in my hand

I’m so nervous

I can’t stand

I ring the doorbell

Stand up straight

I hope he answers

I can’t wait

The door swings open

It’s my Valentine!

Flitter Flutter

Flip Flop

Pitter Patter

Thump Thump



By Lauren Husnik

Chocolates come in

Boxes of round or heart,

With Backgrounds of pink or red.

Soon you’ll get

Fed with chocolatey goodness,


I’m taking these to bed.


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