Before it’s too late

You know, we just can’t say it enough. Love your children, remember to call mom, hug your spouse, be sure you go to bed at night not angry at anyone.

We just never know when it will be the last time we can hug, love, hold, kiss those who we love and cherish.

That fatal accident today on Hwy. 95 shook me up.

I had just been whining Monday about not being able to go to President’s Day sales like I did so many years ago when my girls were little.

Work, work, work, I said, to a daughter who has heard my complaints way too much lately, is all I ever do.

So I got to thinking, after coming back from the accident, that perhaps it’s a good thing I am working.

So sad, it is, two ladies in my age range, just wanting to go shopping and have lunch, now one is dead and the other in critical condition.

We simply do not know the hour of our death.

Like the four young women on their way back to college, or the Isanti elementary teacher, going to work Monday after a brief snowfall.

Like Stewart and Ryan 15 years ago, hitting a patch of ice after a tiny March squall.

We just never know.

Well, here’s the thing… Over and over and over, we can say love your family and friends, because you never know. But… ¬†we have to believe it and do it!

-MaryHelen Swanson

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