A Beach Party in winter, great fun at Sunrise Elementary

(slideshow) Sunrise Elementary in North Branch completed a successful Fitness Fever Month today with a Beach Party celebration. The children all earned “to reach for the sky” and “strive for five,” and to be active and exercise 60 minutes every day.

They collected canned goods for the local food shelf in the amount of 1,045 pounds.

The children also created Fitness Fever Puppets in the annual contest and winners received nice packages of treats.

As in past years, a highlight of the Beach Party is the limbo dance. How low can you go was the tune for the kids, for Principal Jason Hartmann, it was how high can that bar go up?

Mr. Hartmann was a good sport and everyone had a great time at the party.

Leaving the Beach Party, the Beach Boys songs and the hula skirts, the kids donned snow pants and heavy jackets for a quick outdoor recess after lunch.

Enjoy this slideshow of the fun in the lunchroom Friday. Photos by MaryHelen Swanson


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