A visit from the wild things

As big as a bull snake — Some people measure kids with a yardstick, others with a bull snake. The students at Jacobson Elementary in Rush City got a visit from the Minnesota Zoo Feb. 23, that included this measuring demonstration using a popular Minnesota reptile. Photos supplied

On Feb. 23, students at Jacobson Elementary in Rush City were treated with a visit from the Minnesota Zoo. In addition to a discussion on how animals exist in harsh Minnesota winters, the children were able to view a tortoise, skunk, bull snake and great horned owl.

The students have been working very hard in February for “I Love to Read Month” and since the theme this year was “Wild About Reading,” it was a perfect fit. The event was sponsored by Jacobson Elementary’s Parent Teacher Organization.


Students learned about the tortoise as displayed and talked about by this animal handler from the Minnesota Zoo.








The zoo handler also displayed this skunk, a critter that students learned they should probably stay clear from when observed in the wild.

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