Low amount of car crashes reported following snowstorm

By Derrick Knutson

Some motorists in Chisago County lost control of their vehicles and slid off roads across the county during the Feb. 28-29 snowstorm, but not as many as one might think.

Countywide, seven crashes were reported by the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office during that timeframe.

Injuries were reported following one crash in Nessel Township.

Chisago County Sherriff’s Office Capt. Keith Hoppe said in comparison to some winter storms, that really wasn’t a high volume of crashes.

“I was surprised (by the lack of crashes),” he said. “It was a substantial amount of snow, so it made it tough for people to move around. It wasn’t like one of those one-inch dustings where people think they can drive 80 mph.”

Some areas in the northern part of the county recived more than a foot of heavy, wet snow during the storm.

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