Vikettes are conference academic team champions

The North Branch Vikettes held their team awards banquet Feb. 27 when the team earned the North Suburban Conference Academic Team Championship by having the highest grade point average in the conference. Pictured with their other awards are (back row, from left): Claire Gunia (Most Improved), Kalee Voight (Best Kicks, All Conference Honorable Mention, 2012-13 captain), Mikayla Miller (Vikette Award , 2012-13 captain), Erin Engstran (JV Rookie of the Year), Jaclyn Young (2012-13 captain) and Autumn Ruddy (Hardest Worker, Most Valuable Dancer, All Conference Academic All Conference). In front: Maria Gozzi (Academic All Conference, All Conference Honorable Mention), Greta Lindberg (All Conference, Academic All Conference), Gabby Schroeder (Varsity Rookie of the Year) and Stephanie Noyes (Best Turns). 

Varsity letter award winners include Cydney Bettendorf, Kahlie Burnoski, Alyssa Dervie, Maria Gozzi, Claire Gunia, Greta Lindberg, Maddie Mayne, Mikayla Miller, Stephanie Noyes, Claire Peltier, Autumn Ruddy, Gabby Ruddy, Gabby Schroeder, Gina Scott, Abby Tema, Kalee Voight, Courtney Young, Jaclyn Young and managers Emily Gray and Lydia Olund.

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