The great food sweep 2012

(slide show) – By MaryHelen Swanson
March is Minnesota Food Share Month and a lot of good folks in North Branch had a lot of fun gathering food for the Family Pathways Food Pantry in the 2012 Food Shelf Challenge organized by Peoples National Bank of Mora.

Following a delicious supper provided by County Market, eight teams faced off for a food sweep with the real winners being the many local people who need a little assistance putting food on the table.

Each team of two got a minute and a half to run through the dedicated aisles and fill their carts. The team with the highest dollar amount in their cart had their groceries paid for by Peoples National Bank. All other teams paid for their own cartloads and all the groceries were immediately taken to the NB food pantry.

Boys Scouts from Troop 411 helped pack the groceries and deliver it to the food pantry.

In this slide show you’ll see the teams as they raced to fill their carts, County Market manager Jeff Bradley smiling as the teams raced through his store, Steve Vanden Heuvel from Peoples National Bank counting down the teams’ time, Lori Damen and Bobbie Eckel from the food pantry assisting with the boxes and finally Doyle Jelsing, president of Peoples National Bank of Mora paying for the winning team’s groceries with a credit card… and a smile.

The winning team of Lakes Region EMS gathered groceries valued at $847. Other teams were NB Outlets/ Reider Machine – $771; Custom Headed Products – $709; County Market – $616; Anderson Koch Ford – $394; Peoples National Bank – $366; Gustafson Excavating – $221; and Peterson’s NB Mill – $203.

All totalled, the eight teams collected $4,127 worth of groceries and four other businesses (Carchedi Real Estate Team, Concrete Pump Repair, Jennings, DeWan & Anderson and Sun Dental) donated $1,000 total for a grand total of $5,127 worth of groceries and cash (which will purchase a lot of food also). Weighed at the food pantry, the total of groceries collected Monday night was 2,184 pounds.

Photos by MaryHelen Swanson

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