In Stacy merry-go-round still missing, policy action proposed

By Anne Thom—

In February the Stacy City Council discussed the disposition of the Stacy Lions Park merry-go-round. At the request of Mel and Jeanne Aslakson of the park and recreation committee, the council had checked with Jerry Schroeder. The Lions do not have the merry-go-round in storage as was thought.

“I think it was junked,” said Councilor Cindy Bruss.

City Maintenance Supervisor Jon Ehlert was still checking.

The council introduced the need for a policy on old equipment.

Bruss felt if equipment is unsafe, it should be disposed of.

City resident Kirk Oswell said he lives next to Lions Park and that there are times when “not so good kids” are in the park well after midnight and they are “trashing the equipment.”

Bruss asked that the city contact the Sheriff’s office for some enforcement.

A motion to develop a policy to dispose of old city property was put on the table.

City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer recommended if property has value for some other purpose or monetary value, the city would not want to simply dispose of it, they would want to sell it.

Bruss suggested that city maintenance should make the decision.

Councilor Chuck Lucia wanted to make sure nothing was disposed of that may have historical value.

The council tabled the motion and discussion for April.

In other business:

•The city of Stacy will host an Easter Egg Hunt at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 7. Kids will hunt for 3,500 eggs. A number of community entities are involved, including Lent Township, Family Pathways and the Stacy Lions Club.  “It is a true community project,” Payne said. The event is at Doyle Field. There will be a hunt for small kids and for older kids and prizes. Stacy-Lent firefighters will be on hand to help.

• Resident Jim Kultala submitted a letter of interest for a seat on the Economic Development Authority. Kultala is a local artist and potter who has donated his time and talent to free community art programs for kids and at Stacy Daze. Kultala was appointed unanimously. Kultala also applied and was appointed to a seat on the Stacy Planning Commission. Kultala should take that seat when the Planning Commission meets  March 20 at 7 p.m.

• Resolution 2012-3-1 was presented to the council, establishing precinct and polling places. Payne took a map of the city and put a star where the polling place is located to the agreement of everyone at the table. Payne explained they needed to take this action due to redistricting by the state. The city of Stacy is the precinct and the polling place will be moved to the Doyle Field building.

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