Rain barrels and compost bins available

The Chisago Soil and Water Conservation District and the Chisago County Household Hazardous Waste Facility are partnering with the Recycling Association of Minnesota to offer affordable rain barrels and compost bins to residents of Chisago County.  Rain barrels are a great way to reduce the amount of runoff leaving your yard, which helps reduce erosion and improves water quality in local lakes and rivers.  Rain barrels should be placed beneath a gutter downspout to capture rain water coming off your roof.  The water can be used to water flower gardens or landscaping in your yard.  Choose from a white Systern 55 gallon rain barrel or a brown Raincatcher 54 gallon rain barrel, each for $65 plus tax.  Both barrels come with a screen top to prevent leaves and mosquitoes from entering the rain barrel, an overflow hose, and a faucet hook up for your hose.

Compost bins help you save money on trash disposal, reduce the amount of waste you create in the kitchen and outdoors, and converts that waste into a usable soil amendment. Use the compost to reduce your fertilizer needs and to mulch around new plants. The Earth Machine composter is black and holds 80 gallons. It includes a lid and harvest door at the base of the composter. The time required for composting varies from a few months to a year depending on the conditions of your pile. Instructions on how to compost will be provided when you purchase the $55 (plus tax) Earth Machine.

To order your rain barrel or compost bin, go online to www.chisagoswcd.org.  Payment will be required at the time of purchase.  Your order will be available to pick up May 21, at the Chisago County Highway Garage.  Reminders of the pick-up date, times, and location will be sent in the spring.

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