Township election results are in

By Derrick Knutson— 

There weren’t any television ads, political action committees or big public debates that took place before the Chisago County township elections March 15. Township supervisors were voted in without much hoopla.

In Sunrise Township, incumbent Jerry Bjork won the Supervisor C seat, securing 147 votes. His nearest challenger garnered 3.

The Supervisor D post went to incumbent Joel Peterson. He procured 114 votes. His competitor ended up with 39 votes.

Sunrise Planning Commission

Incumbent Charlotte Wilcox secured 136 votes. Her challenger received 22.

Carl Peter Johnson, a newcomer to the planning commission, had 130 ballots cast in his favor. His challenger secured 21.

The township clerk position was a tight race, with current clerk Wendy Kowalke winning another term by just one vote, 82-81.

Amador Township

In Amador Township, Lin Strong was the only supervisor up for election.

Strong made a strong showing, receiving 35 votes and securing the post of chair. The nearest challenger had 2.

Lent Township

Incumbent Gene Olson won the Supervisor A seat with 81 votes. His challenger had 24.

Voters in Lent also approved a ballot question 54-49 that asked, “Shall Option B, providing for the appointment of the treasurer by the town board, be adopted for the government of the town?”

Fish Lake Township

In Fish Lake Township, incumbent Diane Larkin  won the supervisor seat.The vote was 54 to 47.

Rushseba Township

Rushseba Township voters re-elected Marty Youngbauer to his supervisor seat by a vote of 46 to 25.

North Branch Township

Held its levy to $300,00, same as last year. The gopher bounty increased 50 cents to $1.50.

Supervisor  election:

Ronald Pederson (Incumbent) received 48 votes, Dale Nordaune (write-in) received 55 votes. Nordaune is the new supervisor.

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