Small world for Stacy woman

Denise Samson shows her wallet and the items that went missing while on vacation last month in Palm Springs, Calif. They were recovered and mailed back to her by a woman who lived in Palm Springs at the time and whose brother actually lives near the Samson residence in Stacy. Photo by Jon Tatting

By Jon Tatting—

A Stacy woman discovered how small the world truly is when her missing wallet triggered a random act of kindness almost 2,000 miles away.

“How often do you find honest people in the world?” she asked.

But that’s just the half of it.

For months, Denise Samson saved money to visit her brother Jon in Palm Springs, Calif. On her first full vacation day, on Feb. 2, she saw the mountains, took in a spa and enjoyed a casino buffet. They planned to attend a festival that night; it was going to be a trip to remember.

At the festival, a decorative turtle piece caught Denise’s eye. She bought it for her daughter back home and placed it and then her wallet inside her purse. To this day, she can’t remember if she zipped her handbag all the way.

Denise didn’t realize her billfold — along with her credit and debit cards, checks, license and $180 in cash — was gone until five or 10 minutes later when she was going to donate a few bucks to the Shriners organization.

She and her brother backtracked and relayed the news of a possible pickpocket onto a Palm Springs police officer. “That doesn’t happen here. Go check the lost and found,” Denise recalled the officer saying.

Dumbfounded and angered by the response and situation at hand, the siblings then checked the lost and found …. only to find a pair of sunglasses.

The next day, after putting a block on her credit cards, Denise went to file a report at the police station. She was told, “Come back on Monday; we’re closed on Fridays.”

She panicked and started to cry because her plane was set to leave on Sunday, and she had no identification. But the police department came through, allowing her to file a report, “which was my golden ticket to get on the plane,” she explained.

Back home in Stacy, about a week or so later, Denise found a package from Palm Springs in her mailbox. Stunned, she immediately ripped it open and found her wallet, its contents minus the cash, and a card from the sender — a woman named Sue.

The card “let me know that when she (Sue) returns to North Branch from Palm Springs, this wonderful lady will have her brother — who lives a half mile from me — bring me my cash,” Denise said. “She said she found my wallet in the street.”

And the cash was indeed delivered by Sue’s brother who indeed lives not even a mile away in the small town of Stacy.

Denise is waiting for the day when she can finally meet Sue in person and take her out for coffee or lunch. She got her a card, too, with the message, “Thank you so much for being a wonderful person. It was a miracle that an honest person found my billfold and then to live so close!”

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