Photo ops at the Sunrise Carnival

(slideshow) – School carnivals are a blast, and the Sunrise Elementary Carnival in North Branch last Friday was no exception. There were games, games, games, upstairs and downstairs. The only peaceful spot in the building was the media center where the Silent Auction was underway with lots and lots of baskets brimming with wonderfil items.

A most popular stop, and usually the first, was at the crazy hair station where you not only got crazy colors, but glitter and glitz to add dimension to this years dos.

Many took a trip to jail at someone’s whim, others put themselves behind the bars, hoping that they’d get sprung before the evening was over. Even Principal Hartmann found himself in the pokey, but was quickly released when Lori Christensen paid his bail.

Topping off the evening was a stop at the cafeteria where the aroma of pizza tantalized the noses of many a carnival attendees.

It was all great fun and a good fundraiser for the school.

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