Concerned about housing proposal

To the Editor:

To the members of the North Branch City Council:

It is the responsibility of the members of the city council to consider what is best for the city of North Branch and its residents. I am concerned with the proposal of building medium density rental units south of 400th Street.

The comprehensive plan which was approved by the city council, planning committee, and the residents of North Branch, put in writing tiered development in phases with single family housing south of 400th Street.

Placing medium density rental units next to one-acre lots does not make sense and is not good planning. If the council would like to change the comprehensive plan the issue should be brought up for discussion with the community and include an open forum for the residents of North Branch to have their voice heard.

The long term growth and economic vitality of North Branch depends on a city council that makes decisions for the well-being of the community today and its future. Good planning equals good communities, schools, and taxes.

Is there a need for housing in North Branch? From the looks of all the “For Sale” signs in the neighborhoods it appears that the community is shrinking, not growing.

Please consider what the community of North Branch, not just the developer, has to gain from the construction of more rental units in these difficult economic times. Jobs are scarce, property values are declining, and gas is expensive.

What would North Branch stand to gain?

Jackie Badger, North Branch

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