Inventors make life a little easier

(slideshow) — Students at Jacobson Elementary once again showed their creative talents at the annual Inventors’ Fair on Friday, March 30. (Story and photos by Jon Tatting)

Judges Gabi Stepp, Diane Buehring and Jim Schoolmeesters selected this year’s winners; they had to remember: the process of inventing is more important than the product.

Jake Hageman and Shane Sempel took first place with their Reel Hitter creation.
Two inventions were chosen for first, second and third place. In addition to their presentations, students had to show journal work and storyboards to help explain how their inventions will improve people’s lives through creative problem solving.

Earning first place was the sixth-grade team of Jake Hageman and Shane Sempel with their Reel Hitter creation, along with third grader Hunter Schlangen and his Remote Control Garbage Cart.

Hunter Schlangen and his Remote Control Garbage Cart also earned first place honors.
Through the Reel Hitter, Jake and Shane showed how kids can work on their baseball skills while honing their casting skills in fishing. It works by connecting a reel and string set-up to a T-ball stand and ball, so when the ball is hit with a bat, it can be reeled back in without having to chase the ball everywhere.

With Hunter’s invention, he placed an everyday garbage bin atop a platform equipped with wheels and a gadgetry set-up that allowed the bin to move itself up and down the driveway. Hunter was able to control the bin’s movement through a handheld, wireless remote control.

Melanie Fleming and Evyn Weston won second place for their Cell Phone Holder.
In second place was the sixth-grade team of Melanie Fleming and Evyn Weston for their Cell Phone Holder  and third grader Alexis Murphy who just made it easier for kids to reach their clothes with The Extreme Closet.

In third place, the team of sixth graders Sarah Bjork and Ella Blazek won for their Eliminate Cribbing creation, a remedy to keep horses safe inside their fenced-in areas, along with the fifth grade team of Kylie Forcier and Katie McDonald who invented The Laundry Basket Organizer, which separates siblings’ clothes or colors from whites through the use of dividers in a single basket.

Alexis Murphy, who also took second, constructed a prototype to show how her Extreme Closet makes it easier for kids to reach their clothes.
Other inventors included:

• The team of Dalton Ramberg and Tucker Leigland, sixth graders, who invented The Cooling Buddy to help with headaches, injuries, sore muscles while controlling swelling.

• Fifth grader Jillian Grace and her Fly Fly Away creation, which prevents flies from getting in your ears while you’re asleep.

• The team of Rachel Engstrom and Hailey Lamere, third graders, who invented The Sunny Day Rain Hat, a decorative piece that fits over the head to block the sun or rain.

Sarah Bjork and Ella Blazek won third place for their Eliminate Cribbing creation.
• Fourth grader Brodrick Larson and his Handy Jacket, which keeps the cold snow from entering your coat sleeve.

• Third grader Elijah Tramm and the Safety Sled, equipped with a backpack containing a First Aid kit that also glows in the dark. The pack also allows kids to wear their sled back up the sliding hill.

• Fourth grader Laureen Steltz and her Belt Leash invention for those wanting to multi-task while walking their pet.

Also taking third was the team of Kylie Forcier and Katie McDonald who invented The Laundry Basket Organizer.
• The sixth-grade team of Regan Daas and Sage Stevens who invented the Ba-Billow Bag, a bag that can transform into a pillow or blanket.

• The fifth-grade team of Elena Herberg and Kaylyn Bowen and their Stay Long Eraser, which will always keep a pencil covered when mistakes happen.

• The team of Kevin Murphy and Alex Christianson, fourth graders, whose Rain or Shine Bike has an umbrella that will keep you either dry from the rain or in the shade on a bright, sunny day.

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