School News: Video is a powerful tool

By Deb Henton, Ed.D., Superintendent—

I would like to draw your attention to two videos located at the North Branch Area Public Schools website Both are relatively short but very interesting.

The first, called “VIBE video on D3” and linked to the right of the high school home page, was put together by students in the high school’s VIBE class.

The video does a wonderful job framing the uses of and even some issues that come with digital devices. It is done with humor and music, great interviews of students and staff, and clever segments.

What you will notice as you watch the video is the extent to which students are taking the lead on responsible usage of digital devices. They clearly value the opportunity to have their devices in school and are motivated to make sure the privilege is not abused.

The VIBE video also shows how comfortable and creative students are with technology and video. It’s a great representation of what is happening at our high school.

The other video I would like to draw your attention to is located at the school district home page and deals with funding. Put together by our friends at Milaca Public Schools – a district in very much the same situation as our own – the video illustrates the inherent inequities in the state’s flawed funding system.

It is amazing how digital video and such ready means to distribute to a global audience has changed the way, and the depth, to which we communicate.

It is a powerful tool that is now available to anyone with a smart phone and an Internet connection.

I am hopeful it will prove a game-changer for North Branch Area Public Schools.

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