County board revokes business’ liquor license

The Chisago County Board of commissioners voted to revoke Wild River Bar & Grill’s liquor license April 4 because the business’s owner, Barbara Hagberg, owes the state more thank $10,000 in unemployment taxes. Photo by Derrick Knutson

By Derrick Knutson 

Patrons of Wild River Bar & Grill off Highway 95 in Almelund won’t be able to stop into the establishment and toss back a few adult beverages for a while because the Chisago County Board revoked the business’s liquor license at its April 4 meeting.

According to information from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, the owner of Wild River Bar & Grill, Barbara Hagberg, owes $10,185 in state unemployment tax.

Documents procured from the county show the state informed Hagberg of the back taxes August 12 of last year.

The documents note she had 10 days to pay the late taxes after the notification, or she could be subject to penalties.

However, those penalties were not enforced until months later when the county received a notice March 27 that the county board would be required by the state to revoke Hagberg’s liquor license.

Hagberg also reportedly received a copy of the notice, according to county administration.

Hagberg was not present at the board meeting where her liquor license was revoked.

Reached for comment about the action the following day, Hagberg said she was unaware the board had revoked the license.

She said she was working with the state to address payment of the late taxes.

County Attorney Janet Reiter noted in order for Hagberg to have her liquor license reinstated, she will need to reapply and the County Board will have to take action on that application.

The soonest Hagberg’s liquor license could be reinstated is during the board’s April 18 regular meeting, and that’s contingent upon her paying the money she owes to the state, Reiter said.

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