Local Scout’s project can be seen flying in the wind

Zakry Humble and Legion Commander Jim Johnson ready a flag for its proper retirement. Photos supplied

New American flags are proudly flying in the brisk wind this week around North Branch due in part to local boy Scout Zakry Humble’s Eagle Scout project.

Humble, a member of Troop 141, thanks the NB American Legion for working with him to accomplish his project.

On March 24, Humble, along with Boy Scouts Robert, Andrew, and Daniel Barnett, Anton Larson, David Jensen, Scott, Erik and Michael Badger and Commander Jim Johnson of the NB American Legion participated in a flag retirement ceremony.

Approximately 100 flags were retired properly, including two P.O.W. flags.

Zakry Humble and some of the nearly 100 flags brought to the retirement ceremony Humble set up as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Everyone in attendance learned a little about the importance of the American flag and listened to a touching poem.

Humble would like to thank all who participated in the event as well as those who gratefully welcomed him into their yards and accepted new flags to either replace worn ones or to fill an empty flag pole.

They include the family who flies a flag to represent their pride in having a service personnel in every war since the Civil War, the war vets, and the young family flying their first flag.

It includes the flag flying in Central Park to commemorate all those who have fought and those who lost their lives to protect our freedom.

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