Old man Otis finds a home

Brenda Farr Zelinka, executive director of Northwoods Humane Society, sent this special note to us.

“I found this post on Craigslist and wanted to share with you all. This is a great description of the whole process and how ‘we’ Northwoods Humane Society works for these old critters. Sounds like Otis hit pay day!” 

This is a note to the person who gave up Otis to the Humane Society in Wyoming, Minn., about a month ago…

Otis is a 10-year-old orange tabby cat. He weighs 17 pounds. He was missing a patch of fur, and has a little wart bump on his nose. He did not have the greatest chance for adoption, as most people want kittens or at least cats less than a decade old, not to mention his other less-than admirable traits.

Then there’s me. I wanted to adopt a senior cat, as my other kitty is 15 this year and cannot handle the rambunctiousness of kittens anymore but needs a companion after he lost his buddy two weeks ago (RIP Peanut). I saw a picture of Otis on the Humane Society’s website and fell in love with that big fat orange face. I went to visit him that same afternoon.

He was so nervous and shedding a lot, because he is afraid of loud noises and dogs, and there were a lot of both of those around.

Despite these distractions, he was sooooo loving. Purring and kneading his paws, bumping his head against my hand, rolling over for me to rub his big ol’ belly. I knew at that moment- he was mine. I signed the papers, paid the fee, and took him home. I had to borrow a larger Otis-sized carrier from the shelter, as the one I brought could only handle regular-sized cats. I have only had him a few days, but he is everything I had hoped for. Smart, cuddly, quiet, calm, and loving. Just as the paperwork you filled out said, he loves to be brushed and bat around rolled up balls of paper. He gets a treat every day, although I am working on reducing that belly of his!

He gets along with his new buddy very well, and loves the heated pet bed I got for him.

I just want to say- thank you. Thank you for bringing him to the shelter so he could have another chance, and not just dumping him off at a farm somewhere. You must have loved him, and although I am sad you couldn’t keep him I am so happy that I could. I want you to not have to feel bad or guilty, and to know that Otis has found his forever home.

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