Stacy closes in on resolving Foxtail Woods water problem

By Anne Thom—

Last week the Stacy City Council was still wrestling with the issue of Foxtail Woods development water bill but came a bit closer to a resolution that resident Wallace Fleming and his son-in-law Kirk Oswell are still looking for.

The Foxtail Woods development featured an irrigation system with a water meter. The developer and owner filed for bankruptcy. As chief of the development homeowners association, the developer was responsible for paying the irrigation system bill. A $28,000 water bill was left behind for the common area of Foxtail Woods for the irrigation meter.

Fleming had followed up with the foreclosing bank and was advised not to do anything at this time.

He asked if the bank had contacted the city.

“No,” Mayor Mark Utecht said, “it is my understanding the homeowners association went out of business.”

The bank didn’t buy the association, it bought individual properties. This seemed to add to the confusion.

Fleming said a homeowners association in St. Paul was contracted with as of Jan. 1.

The mayor said, “If this does get resolved in a positive fashion I see no reason you can’t have that irrigation hooked up as it was before.”

The problem is still that individual property owners like Fleming were assessed for the $28,000 that is due.

City Clerk Sharon Payne explained the city didn’t know where that meter was located and when it was located, the meter was read. This resulted in the large, outstanding water bill.

Mayor Utecht requested contact information for the new association be sent to city hall. He said the council wants this resolved favorably, “but the city also cannot give water away. The city paid for that water so if we do not collect on what we provide I am not prepared to go down that road.”

Fleming said homeowners had paid association fees to the developer who had declared bankruptcy, leaving the individual home owners stuck with the bill.

The issue was tabled until the next meeting in order for the city representatives to talk over the situation with the new association.

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