Sunday Night: Volunteering gives you a reason to live

By MaryHelen Swanson, editor—

The heart and soul of a community lies in its volunteers.

In the Post Review readership area alone, thousands and thousands of hours of volunteer work are provided each year.

You don’t think you have anything to offer? Well that just isn’t true.

You are needed.

You are needed by youth groups such as Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, 4-H and church youth programs.

You are needed by your schools. No matter how old you are, there is a place for you, and your talents and skills will be greatly appreciated by schools that are already struggling to provide a superior education for our kids.

You are needed by the senior population: to take them on fishing trips, to the store and medical appointments, to shovel a sidewalk, wash away winter from living room windows and maybe help build a handicap ramp.

You are needed if you are a senior. Many grandparents don’t live in the same communities as their families, so, OK, be a grandparent to the kids around you.

You can cook? Don’t forget a fresh baked cookie or a warm hotdish will still win a shut-in’s heart.

You are needed at your local food shelf, at the senior living center, in your church, in your library, in your local hospital.

You are needed in the veteran’s organizations, the civic clubs and the business groups such as local Chambers and Rotaries, the Lions and Jaycees.

Being needed is so very important all through our lives. We wither and die when we have no purpose in life. Volunteering gives us purpose and many times a reason to get up each morning.

During this National Volunteer Week, we say thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. Our world would just not be the same without you, and that’s a fact!

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