They’re home… thanks for the support

To the Editor:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the supportive community members who have been so helpful in the past year as members of the North Branch and Stacy communities were deployed overseas.

Five soldiers from North Branch and Stacy deployed last summer in support of Operation New Dawn. The Red Bulls spent 10 months in Kuwait and Iraq and are in the process of finalizing redeployment now. All five of our local soldiers are home with their families!

Thank you to our neighbors, family, friends, businesses, community organizations and churches for watching out for us this past year. Your support of your local National Guard soldiers and their families is a great service to this country.

Whether it was the first deployment or the third for these families, each experienced exceptional understanding, care and attention when they needed it; and sometimes without even asking.

The small gestures of a night of child care, a meal shared with friends, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, or even just offering a bit of fun distraction meant a lot for families, but also for the soldiers who are able do their jobs well knowing that their families are being cared for at home.

Our year apart from our loved ones was made a bit easier knowing that we had support if we needed it.

Welcome home to our soldiers: Cpt. Michael Boelk, C Troop; 1LT Seth Miletich, C Troop; SSG Andrew Lemieux, B Troop; SSG Jack Esget, B Troop; and PFC Trevor Welter, B Troop. Thank you for your service.

Barbara Boelk

North Branch

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