School News: Community Service Day coming up

By Deb Henton, Ed.D.


May 18 will mark the fourth annual Community Service Day here at North Branch Area Public Schools. We are very proud of this initiative; it teaches kids to value their local communities as well as the value of helping people in need. This year we hope to be in all of our communities, staff and students, once again performing needed tasks.

Over the years our students and staff have done some wonderful things to better the communities they live in. We have painted buildings at the Stacy Lions Park and Sunrise Park, cleaned up parks and road-sides, completed improvement projects at baseball fields in Sunrise and Stacy, cleaned up for area churches, planted flowers with senior citizens, and even done the little things like bring joy to area residents by having reading time and performing concerts.

For every one of the above examples there are probably 10 others I neglected to mention. Community Service Day benefits so many people it is difficult to measure.

Of course, the greatest benefit is to us. We live in difficult times and, when that is the case people’s first reaction is to take care of themselves first, and understandably so.

Taking care of oneself and our families is our first duty as citizens. You know what they tell you on an airplane…place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping your neighbor.

We are fortunate here at North Branch Area Public Schools. We have great families and staff members. Teaching our students the value of giving to their communities will make them great citizens as well.

So, if you see students and staff members out and about on Friday, May 18, give a honk and let them know you appreciate their hard work. It’s that kind of affirmation that will keep them giving, again and again, for the rest of their lives.

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