Here’s the thing: I’m waiting

I’m waiting.

From time to time, a dear friend sends me an email with a prayer, an uplifting message, or some encouragement in one way or another.

However, there is always a catch. And I’m not good at catches.

“Send it to 10 people,” or “send it back to me” and there’s the promise of good things ahead.

Apparently, if you don’t follow directions, you’re out of luck. Or worse yet, everybody who is counting on you to keep the email going is out of luck.

Today I got another one, talking of St. Theresa, with a prayer and all … wonderful stuff.

It made me feel good, and there was a promise that, being the subject of the prayer, I would receive something in four days for which I have been waiting.

I’ve gotten that promise before. And I’ve waited.

Now, maybe I’m not waiting for the right thing, or maybe I just don’t see it when it comes, but it seems that these emails are completely wasted on me.

In a book written by Dr. Cheryl Rogers, she wrote that if you’re so miserable you can’t get happy, forget it. Make someone else happy.

Here’s the thing… for a fleeting moment I actually believe that an electronic message, even with a prayer included, could make my life just a little bit brighter. In reality, I continue to wait. But I promise I’ll return the message anyway in the hope I can make someone else’s life happier.

-MaryHelen Swanson

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