Life in Stacy in ’50s is backbone for new musical

Tom Broadbent

Tom Broadbent found inspiration from his childhood in Stacy for his production “Deal! The Musical,” which is making its debut in Minneapolis right now.

“Deal!” tells the trials and tribulations of a rural Minnesota family as they go through the 1950s and 1960s. The family bonds, argues, and laughs through their weekly poker games. Broadbent said the story is based on his own family, particularly his mother and grandmother, according to a source, in Stacy, Minn.

Growing up, Broadbent watched and listened as his parents, grandparents and others played poker once or twice a week.

The real life that went around the table stayed with him and he thought a musical was an interesting way to tell the story.

Broadbent said that while the play is based on his own family and while some of the events correlate to actual family history, it is not altogether about them or completely true to life.

“As I told my grandmother, it is a story about her story,” he said in an online release.

He said his play is about real life.

Broadbent, who lives in Two Harbors, has been writing music throughout his life and has written other musicals such as “Henrietta” and others for children.

Broadbent began writing the “Deal!” musical during a two-year songwriting contract with Tyrol Hills Music a few years ago. The musical is now being executive produced by Tyrol Hills Music’s Jim Foltz. Broadbent co-wrote the script with playwright Jerry Seifert.

Broadbent says he’s excited about the musical and appreciates the people he’s been working with on the musical.

But Broadbent says his greatest supporters have been his family. “I’ve got terrific family support. You can’t do it without it. The world premiere of “Deal! The Musical” at the Ritz Theater in Minneapolis opened April 20 and ends Sunday, May 6. Tickets are $29 and available at the Ritz box office or by calling (612) 436-1129.

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