ECE helps Rush City third graders celebrate Arbor Day

Rush City third graders helped dig the hole where a new flowering crabapple tree was planted in front of their school. Photo supplied

Seventy-two Jacobson Elementary third graders have a permanent, personal connection to a brand new flowering crabapple tree on the lawn in front of their school.

The students will be able to say they helped plant that tree on Arbor Day 2012, with help from East Central Energy (ECE).

Each year, the cooperative works with a school in its service territory to plan and present an Arbor Day event.

On Friday, April 27, with guidance from ECE’s Forestry Services team, the youth got involved in every aspect of tree planting. They helped dig the hole for the tree, backfilled, watered and mulched.

Throughout the hands-on experience, they learned about the benefits of trees and the importance of choosing the right tree for the site.

“We look forward to sharing the joy of tree planting with students during our annual Arbor Day celebration,” said ECE Forestry Services Manager Dave Auchter. “It’s an opportunity for us to discuss the energy conservation benefits trees can provide and encourage a new generation to plant them wisely and care for them properly. The students always seem excited about the experience. We hope it leaves a lasting impression.”

ECE also spotlights electrical safety during the Arbor Day celebration.

With the Rush City substation near the school, ECE Principal Engineer and Vice President of Distribution Operations Vern Johnson was able to incorporate it into his presentation. He explained the substation’s purpose and emphasized the importance of safety around electrical equipment.

Communications Manager Jennifer Veeser introduced students to the characters in ECE’s Saver family and shared energy-saving tips with each group.

Chris Storlie and crew from One Way Tree Service demonstrated their equipment and explained how and why branches are pruned. ECE contracts with One Way and other companies to manage trees and brush in the co-op’s power line corridors.

Principal Melody Tenhoff wrapped up the celebration by reading the Arbor Day proclamation. ECE provided a Thunderchild Flowering Crabapple seedling to each student, along with tree planting information from the Arbor Day Foundation and the cooperative to help them plant wisely in the future.


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