NB adapted bowlers chalk up another win

By Victoria Dahlin

Last Friday the Viking adapted bowling PI (physical impairment) team racked up 1616 points to overwhelm St. Michael’s with 1471 points.

Chelsea Knutson scored a 448 to get the win in the girls PI singles division, while Tayler Dyrda came in second (411), Alana Stahley fourth (377) and Iman Omar fifth (373).

For PI boys singles, Charles Otto finished with 380 to earn second place.

Knutson, Dyrda, Otto and Stahley’s scores were totaled up to earn the PI team’s victory.

At CI (cognitive impairment) boys singles Trevor Klein totaled 403 to take first, Matt Rogers came in second (376), Matt Winberg third (364) and Aaron Walstrom fourth (349).

In CI girls singles Jade Anderson tallied up 395 to win, while Ashley Novak took third (376) and Cheyenne Underdahl fourth (347).

“Chelsea Knutson bowled a season high score to lead the Vikings PI team to victory,” said Coach John Grund. “Tayler Dyrda also bowled a strong game. Dyrda has the highest average on the team (133). That means she needs to be spot on for every competition. The higher your average, the lower your handicap. Dydra’s handicap for two games is only 134. The Adapted Bowling League uses bowler averages to provide a handicap score for each bowler. Bowlers’ averages and handicaps are updated after each match. This ensures that any bowler can compete with the best bowlers. In other words, the best bowlers have to prove it every match. So when a bowler like Dydra faces a bowler with a handicap of 276, she is giving that person 144 pins before the match even starts. With Dyrda (133 average) and eighth grader Knutson (118), Omar (97), and Stahley (85), all having relatively high averages, this makes for one of the strongest PI teams in the state. They will be tested this against Alexandria and Anoka and at the upcoming State Tournament.”

The North Branch adapted bowling teams will compete against Alexandria and Anoka at 9 a.m. Friday, May 11 at JJ’s.

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