School News: Jeanne Leland’s gift

By Deb Henton, Ed.D., Superintendent

Spring is generally a time of renewal for families and for our area; trees are in bloom, plants are emerging from the ground, and families are throwing open the windows, eager to renew a relationship with the great outdoors.

For North Branch Area Public Schools, spring can also be a time of sadness. It seems every year we lose a dedicated leader who has spent a lifetime in service to this great community, and this year is certainly no exception.

At the end of this school year the school district will bid adieu to Jeanne Leland, Community Education Director (CED).

Jeanne arrived at North Branch Area Public Schools in 1979. In her time here she has served as a teacher, a coach, and an administrator. Putting it so simply though does not do her contributions to the school district and the community as a whole justice.

Jeanne is a tireless advocate of education, both for children and adults. As CED she is deeply passionate about providing the community access to the tools they need to be successful as people, parents, and citizens.

Jeanne is also one of the finest I’ve seen at seeing problems and issues from a variety of perspectives. She understands life from many points of view and works hard to be empathetic to all. Her wisdom and approach to problem solving has been invaluable to this school district over her 32 years here.

I know that you wish her the very best in her future, as we do. I hope you will take a moment, the next time you see Jeanne around town, to tell her “thank you” for her invaluable service. She retires not just as a director, but as one of the most dedicated advocates for the community you are likely to find. I have no doubt she will continue to be so even in retirement.

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