It’ll take long time to recoup this investment

To the Editor:

Some people are happy the Vikings are getting a new stadium and others are ambivalent, however many people take issue with the proposal that passed the legislature.

Funding was the main reason, with the creation of electronic pulls tabs (no proven revenue track record), to NFL Football tip boards (illegal by federal law). Reports after the fact explain that the Vikings owner will ultimately cough up $25-30 million and the state, $400,000,000.

Media reports of thousands of jobs created also doesn’t add up.

Chisago (and Isanti) counties are proud that their own Sen. Sean Nienow and Rep. Bob Barrett voted against the passage of the stadium bill, holding true to their promise to be good stewards of the tax payer’s dollar.

In both houses there were more democrats voting for the bill than against it and more Republicans voting against it than for it. Had there been a fiscally responsible proposal that doesn’t fund the stadium at the expense of schools and health care (the stadium bonds will be the first thing paid every budget year) there would have been overwhelming support.

Those who voted no were not opposing a stadium, just a really bad deal for Minnesota taxpayers. Governor Dayton wanted this stadium and the Democrats delivered with some moderate Republicans helping.

When this deal goes south and Minnesotans have to cover the shortfalls in funding, they should remember the progressives and moderates left them holding the tab. Minnesota will be waiting a long time to recoup this investment.

Michele Lentz


  • http://ECMPostReview Aaron Sederstrom

    It absolutely amazed me that Minnesotans were willing to vote Mark Dayton in as governor after the the debacle of his senatorial term. How financially irresponsible is it to put up $400,000,000 in state funding (which this state doesn’t have) so shortly after closing the state down at the beginning of his term as governor which severely impacted social services and even rest areas and scales? Does no one even realize that the main reason that the Vikings can’t fill the seats of the present stadium probably has more to do with the fact that they are a consistently losing team which makes no sense for anyone to pay the inflated ticket prices to see them play then anything to do with the Humpty Dome itself? If people remember the Vikings AND Twins used the same lame excuses to get the Humpty Dome in the first place, and once getting it their performance improved little if any. It seems a shame that our elected officials consistently reduce necessary funding for Education, Social Services and the like in favor of payouts to teams whose overpaid, overrated and underachieving players who could very well be bested by even the most average Minnesota High School football team? Perhaps if Mr. Dayton had really had the best interests of EVERYONE in this state in mind he would have suggested North Dakota or even Afghanistan as a good site for a new stadium for the Vikings. Sad . . . people will go hungry, our children will remain ignorant but at least we will be able to revel in the fact that we can still go locally to watch the Vikings lose and the players, owners and politicians line their pockets at our expense.