Experience Weekend at Crex Meadows

Saturday, May 19 starts Wildlife Experience Weekend at Crex Meadows at Grantsburg, Wis. Join expert birder and retired biologist Jim Hoefler for a wildlife talk beginning at 5 p.m. at Crex Meadows Education & Visitor Center.

After the presentation, caravan into the meadows to try to spot wildlife. Sunday morning continues with a tour at 4 a.m. Cost is $10, space limited to 10 people. Too early for you? There will be a 7 a.m. tour for $5. Call for reservations or questions.

Other programs at Crex include a Crex Bike Ride on Saturday, May 26. Multiple varying lengths are on paved roads. Pre-registration and payment are required. Proceeds go toward the Endowment Fund.

For more information about events at Crex Meadows, call 715-463-2739, visit www.crexmeadows.org, or find them on Facebook.

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