Fairview Lakes Medical Center receives three awards for excellence in patient safety

Fairview Lakes Medical Center staff display the three Patient Safety Excellence Award banners recently presented to the facility. Pictured, from left, are: Jeff Olsen, RN, surgery nurse manager, Jean Kelly, RN, director of surgical services, Shari Bohlander, quality analyst, Jenny Schmidt, RN, director of clinical practice, Kathy Green, quality analyst, Heidi Chmielewski, RN, medical/surgical nurse manager, and Lori Olson, RN, intensive care unit nurse manager. Photo submitted

Fairview Lakes Medical Center has earned  Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) Patient Safety Excellence Awards in the categories of SAFE SKIN and SAFE from FALLS and SAFE ACCOUNT.

“Patient safety is a top priority for Fairview Lakes Medical Center,” said Mary Jo Brueggeman, RN, vice president of patient care.

“These awards recognize the outstanding ongoing work of our staff in striving to keep our patients safe while they are in our care.”

Fairview Lakes Medical Center is one of 21 hospitals in the state to be given a total of 25 awards for care rendered from July through December 2011, and among just three to earn multiple awards from MHA during this timeframe.

Fairview Lakes Medical Center also received the MHA Patient Safety Excellence Award for SAFE ACCOUNT for work done in the first six months of 2011. The SAFE ACCOUNT campaign aims to prevent objects from being retained after a patient has surgery.

“Hospitals that receive these awards are to be commended – the bar is set very high,” said MHA Patient Safety Vice President Tania Daniels.

“Hospitals that qualify have achieved measurable and meaningful progress toward implementing best practices to protect the patients in their care.”

The award for SAFE SKIN recognizes Fairview Lakes Medical Center for its work preventing pressure ulcers.

The award for SAFE from FALLS recognizes work done to prevent patients from falling during hospital stays.

In addition to falls, skin and safe account, hospitals also work on the priority areas of SAFE SITE for surgical procedures and SAFE COUNT to prevent objects such as sponges from being retained after childbirth.

To achieve awards like these, participating teams worked together on an extensive list of recommended action for each campaign. For example, the SAFE ACCOUNT team completed recommended actions to prevent objects from being retained after a patient has surgery. Awards go to facilities that have achieved 90 percent of those actions.

“Our staff worked hard to achieve these awards, by participation in education and in real-life situations,” said Fairview Lakes Director of Clinical Practice Jenny Schmidt, RN.  “To prevent falls, we implemented the Minnesota Hospital Association’s ‘Within Arms’ Reach’ program. Nurses assess each newly admitted patient. Patients found to be at risk of falling are always attended by staff.  Similarly, a skin safety team determines whether a patient assessed to be at risk of developing pressure ulcers needs a different mattress or other forms or protection.”

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