NB adapted bowling update

On May 4 the Vikings adapted bowling PI (physical impairment) team of Tayler Dyrda, Chelsea Knutson, Alana Stahley and Iman Omar won over Wayzata/Minnetonka 1603-1562.

In girls singles Dydra took first (456), Knutson second (397), Stahley third (379) and Omar fourth (371); Charles Otto took fourth (371) in the boys singles division.

The CI (cognitive impairment) team of Trevor Klein, Aaron Wahlstrom, Matt Winberg and Ashley Novak lost 1675-1515 to the Lakers.

In boys singles Klein came in fourth (400), Wahlstrom seventh (380) and Winberg eighth (379); in girls CI singles Novak finished sixth (356), Cheyenne Underdahl seventh (350) and Jade Anderson eighth (330).

Against Fergus Falls/Campbell/Tintah, the only match for PI, was the boys singles where Charles Otto took second place (371), since the Otters didn’t have a PI team or any PI girls singles.

The Vikings CI team (Klein, Wahlstrom, Winberg, Novak) defeated the Otters 1515 to 1466.

CI singles boys Klein placed third (400), Wahlstrom fourth (380) and Winberg fifth (379); CI singles girls Novak took fifith (356), Cheyenne Underdahl sixth (350) and Jade Anderson seventh (330).

Last Friday the teams challenged Alexandria with the PI team (Dyrda, Knutson, Stahley, Omar) putting up a 1706. Unfortunately, Alexandria didn’t have a PI team to challenge.

In PI doubles, Otto and Omar scored 799 to take first place over the Cardinals doubles team score of 721l. In PI boys singles Otto won with a score of 389.

The CI team (Rogers, Anderson, Whalstrom, Novak) totaled 1509 and lost to Alexandria’s team score of 1628.

Anderson took third (378), Novak fourth (367) and Underdahl fifth (365) in CI girls singles, and Rogers came in third (397), Wahlstrom fifth (367), Klein sixth (360) and Winberg seventh (354) in the boys CI division.

The North Branch adapted bowling teams will compete in the State Adapted Bowling Championships at Brunswick Zone in Eden Prairie beginning at 9 a.m. Friday, May 18.

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