NBAHS students earn 1,388 college credits this year

Earning college credits in high school really pays for North Branch Area High School students.  Working with several post secondary institutions, students this year have earned 1,388 college credits while in daily attendance in high school.  The total tuition cost to the student for these courses if taken on campus would be $244,078.47.

These “concurrent enrollment” students are taking advantage of a program that offers college credit courses on the high school campus rather than traveling to the college campus.

Courses are taught by highly qualified North Branch Area High School staff working as adjunct faculty of the post secondary institution.

During the current school year students enrolled in 10 different college courses, plus one Advanced Placement (AP) course.

Through Anoka Ramsey Community College:  Chemistry 1061, Principles of Chemistry, taught by Derrick Rink, 4 credits for 21 students; Math 1201/1202, College Algebra and Trigonometry, taught by Ron Moberg, 7 credits for  57 students; Economics 2205, Principles of Macroeconomics, taught by Chas Bettendorf, 3 credits for 85 students; History 2262, British History, taught by Jennifer Joyal, 3 credits for 20 students; Music 1110, History of Rock and Roll, taught by Ben Firkus, 3 credits for 24 students; and English 1121, College Writing, taught by Jennifer VanDyke, 4 credits for 75 students.

Through Southwest Minnesota State University: French 102, Beginning French, taught by Andrea Grote, 4 credits for 21 students.

Through University of Minnesota:  Spanish 1003, Intermediate Spanish, taught by Jan Kozlovsky, 5 credits for 7 students.

Through Pine Technical College, offered via interactive television: HEOP 1208 and HCCC 1215, Medical Terminology and Medical Dosages, 3 credits for 11 students; and MEDA 1001 abd HCCC 1220, Critical Thinking in Nursing and Human Development, 3 credits for 7 students.

In addition, Calculus was offered through the AP program.  Students who score a 3-5 (out of 5) on the AP exam administered May 9 have the potential to earn 5 credits from the college university they attend. Twelve students enrolled in this course offered by Ron Moberg.

Tuition costs vary by institution.  The high school pays a reduced rate because highly qualified high school staff teaches the courses and students are in the high school rather than on the college campus.

Eligibility to enroll in the courses varies by the institution offering credit.

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