Bear spotted in North Branch

Robert and Jeanne Walz, North Branch residents on Riverside Court, reported today, Friday, May 18, that a bear cub approximately  two years old visited their yard last night and was in their balsam tree, adjacent to their deck.

The bear had dismantled a bird feeder and was having a feast on the sunflowers. When it became aware of Robert’s presence, it came down and took off.

The DNR says the best thing to do to keep bears away right now is to remove bird feeders, outdoor grills and any pet foods left outside.

  • rangerRick

    Don’t forget about your garbage. Waking up to a bag of trash scattered about your lawn is no fun. Secure it inside and bring it out on pick up day. Remember, these guys have can openers for paws and once they are “educated” with human food, garbage cans are nothing compared to busted windows and bent car doors!