NB area community – you’ve got friends!

The annual Community Service Day held in the North Branch Area Public Schools was another success Friday, May 18. Students washed windows at City Hall, the fire hall and the NB Library.

Middle school students cleaned up Schoolhouse Park in Harris, Gateway students clean up the Sunrise Park and cleaned candle holders, the Middle School show choir provided noontime entertainment for the folks at Maple Commons and SCIP students cleaned the roadside along Flink Ave.

On Thursday Friends Make a Difference students cleaned up at Riverwalk Park.

On Friday, the young students of Sunrise Elementary took another trip to Ecumen North Branch (formerly The Village of North Branch) where they sang and danced for the “grandmas and grandpas” in Prairie House and Ashton House.

They also read to the residents, books that they had written themselves.

Finally, the youngsters taped colorful flowers to the doors of the residents throughout Ecumen.

And then enjoyed a snack before heading back to school.

North Branch Area school district, you indeed  have a friend in these young people.


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