Extra seatbelt patrols on roads now

Increased seatbelt patrols are rolling onto the roads now, so Buckle Up! Unbelted drivers and passengers, including in the back seat, can be ticketed.

Saving lives — not writing tickets — is the goal during enhanced enforcement May 21 through June 3.

This campaign is to make motorists aware of the extra enforcement and to encourage belt use, save lives and avoid tickets.

This is not about writing tickets, it’s about demonstrating that state and local law enforcement officials take this law seriously because of the many times they respond to fatality crashes.

Local law enforcement will also be visiting Chisago Lakes and Rush City high schools. They will be leaving reminders on vehicles for students to remember to wear their seatbelts.

In mid-June they will be publishing the results of the Click-It or Ticket campaign.

Watch for enhanced enforcement this week, and remember to wear your seatbelt.

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