Nienow: A do-damage senator

To the Editor:

With the Minnesota Senate now adjourned for the year, at least Sen. Sean Nienow can’t do any more damage.

Over the past two years that Republicans have been in control of the legislature, Sen. Nienow and his colleagues dragged Minnesota through the longest government shutdown in state history, borrowed billions from our schools, raised our property taxes to all-time highs, and left us $4.5 billion in debt.

Some have called it a “do-nothing” session, but for Sen. Nienow it was really a “do-damage” session.

So next time you hear Sen. Nienow promise he won’t raise your taxes, ask him why he voted to hike property taxes for homeowners and small businesses by eliminating the homestead credit last year.

And when Sen. Nienow says he’s a fiscal conservative, ask him why he chose to borrow over $2 billion from our schools to break the gridlock of last summer’s government shutdown.

If Sen. Nienow tells you his top priority is growing jobs, ask him how many jobs were created by all the time he spent at the Capitol pushing his extreme social agenda and divisive constitutional amendments, and working against the stadium and bonding bills which will put thousands of Minnesotans back to work.

This is important — the next time you see his name on a ballot, remember that Sean Nienow is not working for us.

Twyla Ring

North Branch

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